Kevin Green’s FREE Property & Business Training – ONLINE – 6pm, 28th March 2020

One of the UK’s largest private landlord’s, Gold and Silver specialist, multi-business owner, author of the best selling lifestyle book ‘THE RICH RULES‘, self made Multi-Millionaire, Kevin Green brings his KEVIN GREEN WEALTH TRAINING to the Internet, on 28th March 2020

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    Due to the conditions currently around the world, with social distancing and the lock-downs being imposed by government, I have tried to create a “positive” outlook on this by recording a short training showing you how you can change your future and your direction

    There are many issues with the world economies that have been caused by the Coronavirus, and this issues are causing world leaders and banking systems massive problems as we look to move forward and beat this virus. As bad as the global issues are, these things are and seem to be out of the normal person’s control. And so we are seeing on a more personal level, jobs being lost and/or are now under threat, investments in the stock markets are dropping, currency is tanking downwards and many other investments are seriously floundering.

    My training is based on the internet you will be able to access it from your own home and you wont need to come into contact with any person.

    The training focuses on helping those watching to make informed decisions on looking to create or expand a new company or business focusing on property. I will show you how you can purchase properties for up to 40% below market value – using none of your own money. I will show you how to figure out whether the property you are looking to buy really is a good deal… I will show you how to make the most important calculation to see if the purchase can work.

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    One of the UK’s largest private landlord’s, Gold and Silver specialist, multi-business owner, author of the best selling lifestyle book ‘THE RICH RULES’, self made Multi-Millionaire, Kevin Green brings his KEVIN GREEN WEALTH TRAINING to the internet on 28th March 2020. We live in rapidly changing times, especially for businesses and also for individuals who have suddenly had their lives turned upside down with the Coronavirus outbreak – possibly making them unemployed.

    Over the years Kevin Green has earned a highly regarded reputation for delivering a program of training and coaching used by companies and individuals worldwide. His Kevin Green Wealth Coach program is unique in that it is tailored to the purchaser. Unlike some other speakers, Kevin’s training strategies are derived from personal business successes.

    More about Kevin Green:


    Kevin is one of the largest single property owners in UK, he was homeless in 1988 and today he owns 27 successful businesses and is a multi-millionaire. He is the author of the best selling book ‘The Rich Rules’ and he starred on the popular TV series “The Secret Millionaire”. He is a regular commentator on news and current affairs programs and he is delighted to be positioned as a UK ambassador to Make-A-Wish® UK foundation charity, granting magical wishes to children with life threatening illnesses. Kevin was the main international trainer on the ‘Rich Dad Poor Dad’ education programs for Robert & Kim Kiyosaki for 8 years and owes his success to hard work, continual learning and excellent advice from Sir Richard Branson. He is a business person first and foremost, however, loves to empower others to follow in his footstep. Kevin and his team have trained thousands of individuals worldwide and helped them achieve significant Wealth and Happiness and more importantly Financial Freedom

    All these examples are asset based businesses, therefore, deemed a lot safer by analysts than investing in non asset based structures like exchange traded funds ( ETF’s), stocks and shares, forex, or any businesses whereby we don’t own or control that business. Results can vary, however, therefore, all attendees should seek independent professional legal and financial advice before investing, Kevin also reserves the right to ask one of his business partners to speak at these events should he not be able to attend. Kevin and his Kevin Green Wealth team look forward to helping you towards Wealth, Happiness and Financial Freedom. Through empowerment and implementing entrepreneurship from primary school through to adults, Kevin was very proud of his prestigious position as business and entrepreneurship advisor to Government, it fits exactly with his remit of helping people into business.